Moving Insurance

Moving Insurance

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In the unlikely event that any of your possessions are lost or damaged, moving insurance provides money to directly compensate you for your loss. Our San Diego local moving company believes that the value of insuring your possessions is priceless. We consider moving insurance to be an essential for any type of move no matter how big or small. Of course, the risk that you will experience a loss or damaged goods is very rare, but we consider moving insurance a mandatory precaution for every one of our customers. For this reason, our San Diego local moving firm encourages you to learn more about your options.

Free Released Value Insurance: This insurance policy is provided free of charge by our moving company. You can view a full description of the details provided in the policy when you review your moving agreement. In essence, released value protection entitles you to reimbursement for damaged or lost goods at the rate of sixty cents per pound. It is advantageous that such a policy is available to you at no cost. However, chances are that your valuables are worth more than sixty cents per pound. For this reason, we recommend that our customers explore full value replacement insurance.

Full-Value Replacement Insurance: This insurance policy is worthwhile for people who have valuable antiques, collectibles, and fragile items, such as a piano or grandfather clock. Full-Value Replacement Insurance is also beneficial to people who are moving out of state.  There are various types of full replacement value policies. So, it’s important to review the policy to be certain it provides adequate protection. The most advantageous policy will entitle you to receive full replacement value compensation for any property that is lost, damaged or missing for any reason. The investment in Full-Value Replacement Insurance is so small when compared to the potential loss that most customers elect to purchase this type of insurance plan.

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